Wings Menu
Wing Dinner
1/2 Dozen wings & Your Choice of 2 sides
with a slice of BBQ Bread

Wing Basket
1/2 Dozen Wings Fries & a slice of BBQ Bread

Dozen Wings

Bucket of Wings
(30 Wings)  Great treat for family & friends

Party of Wings
(50 Wings) Great for ball games or large groups

For every half dozen wings you get your choice of any one sauce.
  We also have Ranch dressing & Bleu Cheese dressing as a choice

Our wings will stand tall against any wing out there!  Our special process of cooking our wings makes them unique to all other wings.  You can eat them naked with no heat so the tender tongues can enjoy them or you can eat them naked with heat if you dare.  We also have 10 different sauces that you can enjoy your wings with.  Some have heat and some don't.  The following are our  delicious sauces without heat: Honey Bar-B-Que, Honey Mustard, Ranch, & Bleu Cheese.  The following have heat: Mango Peppers, Spicy Rita, Hot Honey Mustard, Marley Sauce, Hot Sauce, Triple Dog Dare.
Honey Bar-B-Que
Sweet No Heat!
Ranch Dressing
Premium Blend of Seasonings, very creamy. No Heat!
Bleu Cheese
Creamy Blend of Bleu Cheese dressing.  No Heat!
Honey Mustard
Perfect blend of Honey & Mustard. No Heat!
Mango Peppers
Sneaks up on You!
Sweet Medium Heat!
Spicy Rita
Flavorful Margarita Sauce Spiced up with just a touch of Tequila and red peppers.
Sweet Medium Heat!
Marley Sauce
Thanks to the people of the Caribbean isles for this flavorful hot taste of Caribbean Jerk.
(Too hot for the kids!)
Hot Sauce
Mixture of various hot sauces & Hot peppers.  HOT! 
(Too Hot for the Kids)
Triple Dog Dare!!!
The Hottest of Hot!  Only on a dare!  But not just any dare, a Triple Dog Dare!  Caution, Keep away from Children & Eyes!
Hot Honey Mustard
Honey Mustard with a kick of Heat!
College Park Store 601-483-2727  (North Hills store does not offer the  wings shown on this website.)  Our new store to open by 2011 will offer the entire menu!